7 Seconds Crush Test

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7 Seconds Crush Test

Customers not buying? Here’s why

Your customers should be able to go to your website and understand what you offer within 7 seconds. If it takes them longer than 7 seconds, you’re losing customers.

Does it take more than 7 seconds?

If it takes more than 7 seconds for you to answer these 3 questions, you are losing your customers and sales. We are going to offer a few helpful tips that will make your sales go up, create new customers, and help you stop losing to the competition.

Tip 1 - Your Message Must Be Clear!

What is the message? Hopefully it is about what your company offers and how your product will make customer's life better. If you confuse your client, your competition will beat you in the marketplace, even though their product may be inferior!

Tip 2 - Your Customers Dont Think Like You

By all means try to avoid bringing down all of the complex information about your product on your potential clients. The truth is most customers will give you up to 7 seconds to hear your message, and that means it needs to be easily understood.

Tip 3 - Call To Action

Creating a well-designed website with a picture of a smiling person on the front page and using a simple tagline along with an obvious “call to action” button will increase business. Your “call to action” button should be the main focus of your website. Make sure it’s on every page so customers never have to look for it and be able to press it.